Teaching Staff (Incubators)

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Harriet Mercy Alum

General Formation 

Experience: Diploma in Animal Husbandry and Farm Management



Derick Kavuma

Tree Nursery and Herbal Garden

Experience: 7 years in nursery management

Special Roles at BLI: Assistant Secretary of Liturgical Committee

"I want to transform my village with integral ecology and environmental care and become a good leader in lifestyle and spirit."


Jimmy Kato

Vegetable Section

Experience: 10 years in horticulture

"I joined BLI because it has a good mission and has good goals to help the community, teach youth to care for creation, and help people come out of poverty."


Winifred Namugumya

Tree Nursery and Herbal Garden

Experience: Certificate in herbal medicine (herbalist)

"My key interest in BLI is the BLI leadership style - everyone has a chance to participate in leadership"


George Kazibwe

Poultry Section

Experience: Bukulasa Agricultural College; 3 years animal husbandry & integral ecology 

Special Roles at BLI: Liturgy Master in Liturgical Committee, Vice President of Environmental Management Committee

"I joined BLI to gain knowledge about organic farming and gain experience in agriculture."


Charles Kiwafu

Crop Section

Experience: 17 years in crop production, specializes in banana plantation

"I like BLI because it promotes human dignity, cares for creation, and fights poverty."


Jonathan Makubuya

Animal Department and Assistant Head of Martha's Market

Experience: Bukalasa Agricutural College, 5 years Animal Husbandry; owns a 4 acre farm

"I want to improve on capacity on leadership and integral ecology."


Frank Matovu

Soil Management

Experience: Mabuye Agricultural School; 10 years in soil management

Special Roles at BLI: President of Environmental Management Committee

"I am inspired by BLI's mission and vision. It will help me to transform rural communities with integral ecology."


Mike Ssegalunyo

Goats Section

Experience: Cityland College Matuka, Mabuye Agricultural School; 10 years in agriculture/animal husbandry

"I like that BLI has the mission of transforming villages and improving the lives of the poor. I also grew up in an agricultural environment and enjoy it a lot."