BLI Media Corner

This page serves as a repository of BLI stories, news features, videos, interviews, and more. We will continuously update it with the latest news from our Caretakers and staff in Uganda to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Luweero. We encourage you to share your own videos, stories, and photos with us at Enjoy!

Enjoy these photos and video from outreach to Bugungu Umea Primary School in early November 2022. Caretaker Trainee Vincent sings along with the local students, "I'm so proud to be an African."

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In September 2022, Notre Dame published a feature article on BLI's work. The story discusses BLI's founding, its current work, its affiliation with Notre Dame, and its hopes for the future. BLI looks forward to many more years of partnership with Notre Dame. Read the article here.

Members of the BLI team discuss their experience of the July 29 launch. Hear from board members, travelers, and co-founder Father Emmanuel himself.

The University of Notre Dame featured BLI's work recently. See the short clip below, which includes interviews of caretakers, BLI staff, and  Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere.

See NTV Uganda's short clip on BLI's launch and general campaign for environmental conservation and restoration.

This one-hour video recaps important moments of BLI's July 29 Public Launch, ensuring that all BLI friends, even those who live afar, can experience the joy of the day.