Jonas Ahairwe


Caretaker, Cohort I

Special Roles at BLI: Treasurer of Environmental Management Committee

“I enjoy learning about planting trees, rearing animals, the design of permaculture, vermiculture and making compost…My dream is to become a model Integral Ecology Agricultural Entrepreneur in my community.”

Flavia Nabaggala


Caretaker, Cohort I

Special Roles at BLI: Treasurer of Liturgical Committee

“BLI has empowered me….I have hope in prayer…among family demands I will complete the program…..I will go back in my community to teach other women the skills I have acquired at BLI. These make me a key future change agent in the rural community”

Yunusu Kyazze


Caretaker, Cohort I

"I've got new friends at BLI…I am determined to change my village with Integral Ecology practices I learn at BLI”

Paul Muzalugamba


Caretaker, Cohort I

Special Roles at BLI: Head of Laity in Liturgical Committee

“Being at BLI for more than a year now, I have had the chance to learn many things that are done to produce healthy food without harming the Mother Earth….I will become someone very important in the world ..producing healthy food and teaching the community what I have learned in this program….I am get the right education about how sustainably I can use the environment to develop myself, my family and the world at large.”

Vicent Katumba


Caretaker, Cohort I

“I was among the first students who got a chance to study at BLI…when I go back to my village I can provide a great help to my community to save and conserve our environment for the common good.”

Alice Nanfuka


Caretaker, Cohort I

“Because of God’s love I was able to register at BLI…The moment I reached BLI I found great teachers and good friends who gave me hope, and I knew my future is at BLI.”

Special Roles at BLI: Assistant Liturgy Master of Liturgical Committee

Wiliams Ssebaggala
Esther Nantume


Caretaker, Cohort I

“I felt like I had found a new home because of the love the teachers have for people, animals and plants. I have enjoyed working with the chickens, pigs and farming vegetables. I see myself as a future farmer producing healthy food for my family and community, and helping others to know the importance of protecting our mother earth."


Caretaker, Cohort I

“Being at BLI, I have the chance to learn many things that are done to produce healthy food with no harm to our mother earth….My goals are to produce healthy food for the world, help other people with challenges in education, developing my own family and my community by passing on this great type of education to the next generation.”

Victor Arimpa


Caretaker, Cohort II

“I started working on a piggery farm …and learned skills on managing a piggery …with a dream of opening up my own piggery project….and while doing casual work at BLI, I got motivated with it’s program of forming leaders….”

Rose Babirye


Caretaker, Cohort II

“I thought farming was not my interest…although I had started admiring the BLI trainees…seeing them in their overalls, working with animals and vegetables, on which my mom was getting survival.”

Tracy Babirye


Caretaker, Cohort II

“My stay at BLI made me find out that all things are equal, and everyone is responsible for the harm caused to the environment……I see hope of becoming an integral farmer, tourist guide, or a researcher…I prefer to educate others about the skills I am acquiring here at BLI and be part of the world changes from chemical to organic methods of farming.”

Sandra Kaitesi


Caretaker, Cohort II

“From my childhood, I had a dream of being a veterinary doctor….I wanted to join an agricultural college but the tuition was unaffordable…..After BLI I think of setting up an integrated farm, without ignoring my dream of becoming a veterinarian..”

Isa Kisumbi


Caretaker, Cohort II

"What interest me in the program is to learn how to take care of animals and growing different varieties of crops using practices that have no harm to the environment. I also enjoy activities done in the Lazarus forest; for example nursery establishment and management and planting of trees. I look forward to being a tree specialist in my home village with a good nursery rich in a variety of local trees.”

Geofrey Lubega


Caretaker, Cohort II

“I enjoy studying at BLI, especially learning how to rear animals and chickens.”

Joylin Nabadda


Caretaker, Cohort II

“When my mother told me about BLI I saw my future and gained hope…..My mission after BLI is to set up a teaching and production farm where I can produce and teach the community how to live in a sustainable healthy environment.”

Phionah Nakalema


Caretaker, Cohort II

“My personal interests at BLI are the leadership skills and care for creation and fellow humans.”

Immaculate Nambirige


Caretaker, Cohort II

“That is where my new life started from at BLI. …I enjoy the BLI formation program because of the wide knowledge that I am getting. The area that interests me the most is Lazarus’ Forest, where we learn how to raise tree seedlings at the tree nursery and to plant them in the forest and in the community….I enjoy selling my greens to the nearby community….I am very eager to finish the training and go home to practice and share this Godly knowledge and skills to my community.”

Damascus Ochieng


Caretaker, Cohort II

"In the [BLI] program I am interested in learning about animal management and am looking forward to starting a personal project at home next year….I see myself as a successful Integral Ecologist in my home village in Eastern Uganda, 160 miles from BLI.”