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Consider teaming up with friends and family to sponsor a caretaker (read more below), or feel free to direct your donation to any of our specific programs. We are incredibly thankful for your support!

BLI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible.

Caretaker Scholarship Funds

Each Caretaker entering BLI is expected to contribute a small financial portion of the overall cost. We feel that this fosters a sense of independence and dignity in their commitment to the program. For those to whom this is a hardship, they may enter into a work-study program, contributing extra hours toward the commitment. No student will be denied admission to BLI due to a personal lack of funds.

When they market their goods, any proceeds they make can go toward their tuition. However, this is just a small portion of the costs to operate the institute.

Therefore, many of our supporters donate to our Scholarship Fund to make up the difference. Donors can sponsor a student  per term or annually. Sponsors get trees planted in their name and receive communication and updates from their students. We also have a general assistance fund which helps unsponsored caretakers with tuition.

We invite you to support a student through the following funds:

Sponsorship Fund

A Caretaker Sponsorship covers tuition at BLI. It creates a one-to-one relationship between the donor and Caretaker. A sponsorship offers a unique opportunity for the student to directly communicate with the donor on a quarterly basis, updating them on their progress and happenings on the campus.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • $2500 to support a Caretaker for one year of residency at BLI
  • $5000 to support a Caretaker for their full 2-year residency at BLI

Caretaker Assistance Fund

Assist an individual Caretaker’s personal contribution for entrance to BLI, based on hardship.

Assistance Fund Levels:

  • $500 partial scholarship to support a Caretaker’s portion of their tuition for one year
  • $1000 partial scholarship to support a Caretaker’s portion of their tuition for two years

You may donate right here, online, or you can contact us to discuss ways in which you can help fund a caretaker's education.


Join a Giving Circle

Due to the high cost of caretaker scholarships, we encourage you to teaming up with others in order to provide a scholarship. Whether it be family members, friends, work colleagues, members of your church, or any other group you believe would be interested, these "giving circles" allow you to not only financially support a caretaker, but also share BLI's work and message with friends. Click the link below to see how giving circles work at BLI.

St. Francis House

St. Francis House will be the guesthouse on campus, nestled in the forest. We envision visitors to BLI who will come to learn about the BLI programs - those who want to replicate our programs, researchers, university students, and our supporters.

Additionally, St. Francis House will be a part of the Martha's Market curriculum, whereby our caretakers will take a rotation learning hospitality management and finance skills. Fees will be charged to our guests, providing a source of income to BLI.

Our goal is to complete St. Francis House in 2021. We have a matching gift campaign in progress, and any gift is appreciated. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss our campaign. You may also make a donation online.

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If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact our Development Coordinator, Theresa Murray -