Rest in Peace

Fr. Anthony Zachary Rweza

BLI co-founder and Chairman of the BLI Uganda Board

Fr. Anthony Rweza
Fr. Tony & Simon

Fr. Anthony Zachary Rweza

Born April 10, 1958, Fr. Tony Rweza was co-founder and Chairman of the Uganda Board of Bethany Land Institute. He was a priest ordained for the diocese of Jinja, working for the Bishops Conference as Managing Director of Interservice, the procurement and logistics agency of the Catholic Church in Uganda. Fr. Tony held a Masters degree in Business Administration of Non-profits (MSA) from Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame (1998). He was Chair of the Finance & Planning Committee of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau, Board Member of the Health Commission of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, and a founding Board Member of Pax Insurance Company. He was a member of the Board of Radio Sapientia, Chair of the Board of Governors of St. Denis Senior Secondary school, and a member of the Finance Commission of the Diocese of Jinja. Fr. Tony served on both the BLI Uganda and BLI USA Board.

Fr. Tony passed away on June 15th, 2021. 

Due to the severity of the Covid pandemic in Uganda at the time of his death, his friends at BLI were unable to attend the Celebration of Life ceremonies in person. Fr. Tony was a strong advocate for Lazarus Trees. With this in mind, during the ceremony, the staff and caretakers planted 230 trees in his honor.

He is lovingly remembered by all he met, and for the contributions he made envisioning and bringing to fruition the dream of Bethany Land Institute.

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Fr. Joseph Ssebunya wrote this tribute to Father Zach, after Father Zach's passing.




Fare-thee-well, Fr. Zach

Rare was your name, to match your character.

All kids would jeer, at the mention of 'Zakaria'.

Yet all would cheer at the humour that oozed,

from a Zach so dear.


Fare-thee-well Fr. Zach

A friend so rare.

So easy to relate, with both young and the old,

With a smile so warm and welcoming to all.

More friends than foes you made,

of all castes and creeds.

Ever open, ever true, yet all races you embraced.

How we'll miss thy company: with fun, laugh and dine.


Fare-thee-well Fr. Zach

A priest so rare.

Not the habit you doned but thy heart,

revealed the priestly soul within.

Zeal for souls, like Christ you had.

Rich and Poor to thee they fled,

Seeking help and counsel in life.

None returned from thee unattended.


Fare-thee-well, Fr. Zach

An entrepreneur so rare.

Gifted by God, you generously gave:

Hardwork, honesty, creativity and thrift.

Business acumen rare to find.

All you gave to serve your Church.

Great was the mind that humbly steered,

a self-reliant local Church in modern time.


Fare-thee-well, Fr. Zach

A memory so rare.

Not in stone is your name inscribed;

Neither Church wall nor building is tall enough,

Your great legacy to uphold.

Into the hearts and minds of the many lives

Touched by your deeds and generous heart.

Your lasting memory will always remain engraved.

Time immemorial never forgotten.


Fare-thee-well Fr. Zach

A child of God so beloved.

You trod the path willed for thee by God.

You heeded the call of your Master.

You erred like all humans do.

But run the race with faith to the end.

Meet thee now the Merciful face,

of thy Judge and saviour Lord.

In the bosom of Mary thy Mother

Hear thy Patron Zachary sing his song:


"Blessed be ...God of Israel, ...

He has visited his people and redeemed them...

The loving kindness of our God....

He will give light to those the

shadow of death...and guide us in the way of peace"

(Lk. 1:67-79)


And once at home with all the saints.

Forget us not Fr. Zach our friend.

So soon we too with you shall be.


May he rest in eternal peace.