Meet Our Caretakers: Flavia Nabaggala

Flavia Nabaggala, a BLI Caretaker commissioned in July 2023, grew up as one of twenty-two children. After graduating from middle school—the first in her family to do so—Flavia had to drop out of school to help her mother manage the household. While she yearned to continue to go to school with her classmates—many of whom teased and mocked her for dropping out—her family did not have the funds for her to continue her studies.

While helping her mother in the home, Flavia met and fell in love with Simon Nyombi. Simon had just earned a spot at University and would eventually become the first in his family to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. The two married when Flavia was 19 and soon had their first child. A year after giving birth, Flavia finally obtained enough funds to return to school. She promptly enrolled in high school, and for the next two years, she walked 10 kilometers each day to attend and complete her classes. Despite having been away from the classroom for two years, Flavia felt right at home when she returned. Learning was her passion.

As Flavia was completing her high school studies, Simon was concluding his studies at University. Upon graduation, he obtained a job at BLI, the family’s first interaction with the institute. Flavia and Simon also bought a small plot of land on which they built a home to house their family. Their second child, was born shortly thereafter.

When BLI opened the Caretaker program in 2021, Flavia immediately applied. Through Simon, she knew of the institute’s work and mission, and as always, she was eager for an opportunity to continue learning and provide for her family. Thankfully, Flavia received sponsorship from BLI Scholarship Program for her tuition money and was able to enroll.

During her time at BLI, Flavia served as a motherly figure for many of her fellow cohort members. She also gave birth to her third child. Juggling duties as a mother and student did not, however, seem to phase Flavia. Upon graduation, BLI named her “Best Academic Achiever” in the cohort. Smiling in the crowd, Simon swelled with pride. “I am just so proud. To take care of the children, give birth, and still perform the best academically, is just amazing.”

Since her completion of the program, Flavia has started Bethel Integrated Organic (BIO) Family Farm on the family’s original plot of land. The farm provides healthy organic food both for the family and the local community. Many neighbors in the village, especially women, look up to Flavia as a successful female business owner. Flavia believes she can help these women find their own path toward further education and economic empowerment. As Flavia continues to care for her community, family, and the Earth, one thing is for certain: She will never stop learning and growing, for herself, and for her family.

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