Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd was a special day at Bethany Land Institute. To celebrate Earth Day, we welcomed groups of visitors to BLI, including local primary school children, to spread the joy of Integral Ecology and share the importance of care for creation. Together, we used recycled plastics (collected from the local area) to make hanging plants. In rural Uganda, there are very few opportunities for traditional recycling. Therefore, at BLI, we have started to be innovative, collecting plastics from the surrounding communities and finding new ways to reuse them.

We also played games together, enjoyed a beautifully prepared meal, and of course, PLANTED TREES. What an incredible day spent celebrating this beautiful Earth with our neighbors, young and old. BLI will continue to be a leading institute in the community, engaging with local peoples in order to transform rural Uganda into the flourishing natural, social, and economic environment it can be!

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