Bethany Land Institute has land and a plan 

  • 2017 - Fundraise and assemble BLI’s core team
  • 2018 - Train staff, develop curriculum, and build phase one of the campus
  • 2019 - Welcome first cohort of Caretakers, Mary’s Farm and Martha’s Market open to public


Starting small with excellence

2018 - Year of EQUIPPING

In 2018 BLI will prepare the campus and staff to transform the lives of our future students. During this year BLI's founders will instill Bethany values in staff and work with the core team to create BLI specific curriculum. At the same time Phase One of the campus, the buildings and land necessary to launch the Caretaker Program, will be constructed. 

Phase One 

  • Clear and level land for driveways and pathways
  • Dig drainage ditches in swampy areas
  • Build water collection and irrigation systems
  • Build three residences for staff
  • Build dorms and common area
  • Create Martha’s Farm, the demonstration farm
  • Dig lined fish pond for Martha's Farm
  • Expand paths through forest 
  • Install electrical and plumbing systems
  • Plant trees around newly constructed buildings
We are so grateful to the many Ugandans who are eager for the Institute to open and have already donated their labor, building supplies, or expertise.
Will you join the Ugandans already at work in making BLI a reality?