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The Bethany Land Institute has two governance boards, one Ugandan and one in the US. The three founders, Fathers Anthony, Cornelius, and Emmanuel are members of both boards.  

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Emmanuel katongole - Founder

Father Emmanuel Katongole is the visionary behind the Bethany Land Institute. Born in rural Uganda, Fr. Katongole is an Associate Professor of Theology and Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.  Prior to coming to Notre Dame he was a Professor of Theology and World Christianity at Duke University. In 2006, Fr. Katongole co-founded Duke University's Center for Reconciliation. Under Fr. Katongole’s guidance, the center went on to co-founding the Africa Great Lakes Initiative; he is responsible for designing the curriculum of the annual Institute of the GLI.

Learn more about Father Emmanuel at his website.

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CORNELIUS ssempala - Founder

Fr. Cornelius Ssempala is a professor in the School of Education at Makerere University in the department of Education Foundations and Curriculum Development, and he is a lecturer in the School of Education, Makerere University Kampala and at St. Mbaaga seminary, Gaba Uganda. Fr. Cornelius Ssempala's farm outside of Kampala is his pride and joy.

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anthony rweza - founder

Fr. Tony Rweza  is the director of Interservice, the financial, business and
procurement department of Uganda Catholic Bishops conference, Kampala Uganda.


andrea Cate crary - us board member

Andrea Crary is a Wheaton College graduate, with an interdisciplinary degree focused on food security. She has worked for Cargill and as a marketing and education manager for a non-profit urban farm on Chicago’s South side. 


lori giovannini - us board member

Lori Giovannini is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Boston University and is a Christian Life Coach.  Lori has worked as the Executive Director of Reachout Women Center, the largest Catholic Pro-Life Pregnancy Help Center in Tucson, Arizona serving over 6,000 vulnerable women a year.   She has served on several Boards and is currently the Vice President of the Board of the South Bend Elkhart Chapter of the Legatus Organization. 


sara hohnstein - us board member

Sara Hohnstein is the Director of Operations at The Issachar Fund. Sara has a wealth of experience in program development, management and evaluation. Prior to her position at TIF, Sara worked for an international Christian ministry, Colorado State University, and as the Executive Director of the Heart Ministry Center. At TIF, Sara oversees the operations of the fund, builds partnerships with organizations and scholars, and aids in developing Issachar Fund programs.  Sara earned her Master in Social Work degree from Colorado State University.

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maureen newsom - us board member

Maureen Newsom is serving as the BLI treasurer. She graduated from Notre Dame in 1980 with a BA in History and an accounting degree from Indiana University at South Bend in 1982.  For the past 20 years she has worked as the business manager at Saint Pius X Catholic Church in South Bend Indiana while raising six wonderful children.



 Bob Johnson - Facilities Consuiltant

Bob Johnson - Facilities Consuiltant

 Macky Johnson - Administrative Assistant

Macky Johnson - Administrative Assistant