Year 1

  • BLI established as legal entity
  • Land is surveyed and blueprint for farm, buildings, and forest fixed
  • Board of Directors established
  • Executive Director and Farm Manager hired
  • Applications for Caretakers processed, cohort is selected
  • Living area or students secured
  • Farm opens, first cohort begins Caretaker Program

Year 2

  • Market and rest stop constructed
  • Roadside market opens selling produce from farm
  • Marketing and educational materials for BLI developed
  • Education tours, classes, and festivals begin
  • First generation cohort graduates with commitment to train apprentices
  • 1000 trees planted

Year 3

  • Second cohort begins
  • Market and tours expand
  • Retreat Center Manager hired
  • Blueprints for Retreat Center and guest house created
  • Construction begins on Retreat Center and housing
  • Netwrok of BLI educated farmers expands
  • Groups booked for retreat space
  • 2000 trees planted