Mary's Farm

A sustainable teaching farm which forms caretakers in the practices, lifestyle, and spirituality of sustainable land care and food production.

Taking inspiration from Mary, the model disciple, the program is one of formation in the practice and spirituality necessary for the vocation to “till the land and take care of it.” The program will be built around a daily rhythm of prayer, learning, work and relaxation. Mary’s Farm will be a demonstration and teaching farm.

It will be lead by a cohort of rural Ugandans, the Bethany Caretakers, who will be committed to a year-long program on sustainable farming and business practices. This will include personal, spiritual, and leadership training, instilling a devotion to the land. Following graduation, each Caretaker will set up a farm plot and train three apprentices to spread the mission. They will each receive home visits for support and accountability. Additionally, courses will be available for community to learn an array of farming techniques.

The hope is that the Caretaker Program will grow into a network of enthusiastic, educated farmers enriching the land while supporting themselves with dignity.