A forest, which serves as a catalyst for a major community outreach in reforestation and community based ecological education.

Not unlike the biblical Lazarus who was sick and eventually died, mother earth is sick and dying at an alarming rate. The Lazarus program will seek to reverse the rapidly spreading trend of deforestation, and thus effect ecological resurrection through ecological literacy and reforestation efforts. At the heart of this program will be the planting of a natural forest and various kinds of fruit trees. The program will realize a number of specific objectives:

  • Plant a bio-diverse forest which will provide food for the market.

  • Serve as a catalyst for reforestation, providing saplings for schools, community members, and visitors to take home.

  • Promote eco-tourism at the Bethany site.

  • Provide education on the ecological, nutritional, medicinal and aesthetic aspects of the natural environment in general, trees in particular.

  • Our target is to have planted/helped in the planting of a million trees by 2050.